Training and Educational Presentations

Lori is enthusiastic about sharing her love for medical writing and editing with students and other medical communicators around the world. She currently serves as faculty for the University of California, San Diego Extension, teaching two online courses:

  • Introduction to Medical Writing (3-credit course)
  • Advanced Medical Writing (5-credit capstone course in continuing medical education)

In addition, Lori has also developed and presented the following:

  • Using Principles of Classical Rhetoric to Enhance Medical Communication. Peer-review selected 3-hour AMWA workshop.
  • Medical Terminology. Peer-review selected 3-hour AMWA workshop.
  • Targeting Lay Audiences. Peer review-selected session at the 2016 Medical Writing & Communication Conference.
  • Best Practices in Writing Test Items. Peer review-selected presentation at the 2016 Medical Writing & Communication Conference.
  • Refining Your Writing. Invited customized day-long educational workshop for Patient Resource LLC, May 2016.
  • Careers in Medical and Scientific Writing. Invited lead speaker for fellows at the National Cancer Institute, Rockville, MD, March 2016.
  • Evidence-Based Medical Writing: Shaping Your Readers’ Experience. Peer-review selected session at the 2012 AMWA Annual Conference.
  • It’s Not Your Grandparents CME Anymore: Defining and Addressing Your Practice Gap. Invited presentation at the 2012 Florida Medical Association-Medical Association of Georgia CME Providers Meeting.
  • Bridging the Gap: Step-by-Step Strategies for Developing CME Content that Links Documented Needs to Improved Outcomes. Peer review-selected presentation at the 2012 annual meeting of the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education.
  • Medical Who Are They? What Do They Do? And Do I Want to Become One? Invited presentation for postdoctoral research fellows at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, July 2013 and August 2008.